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some stuff i did once.

Aug 14

My kid brother Alex and his best friend, Logan O’Donnell, made a band called Awesome ! when they were in high (middle?) school.  I happened across some recordings I helped them with.  I believe the clanking noise was made by a chain mace, which I know we had, but I don’t know why nor how we acquired it.

Dec 26

Jun 8


The only ones worth having are like Voltron, wherein two independently badass robots connect to form an even bigger and more badass robot while still remaining able to separate when necessary to go fight also badass solo missions. The rest result in a clumsy, one-armed, one-legged behemoth whose only means of separation is being violently slashed in half, leaving at least one of the participating remnants in need of serious overhaul.


Apr 18
that’s scott in the middle.

that’s scott in the middle.

Apr 9

“i’d take my dream wife over my dream job any day.” Garrett Anderson

Mar 31
two clowns and a guy who works at dairy queen.

two clowns and a guy who works at dairy queen.

Mar 19
“I have to get off the phone because I’m about to go down a ten storey slide.” Elena Lopez

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